Let me introduce myself!

Hannah Epps founded Farnham Pilates in 2005. She is passionate about Pilates; for strength, mobility and keeping herself out of pain with achy joints and a bad back. As a mum of two, she is also concerned with pelvic floor issues and many of her clients are post-natal or peri-menopausal.

Previously loving ballet from the age of 5 to 20s, being hyper-mobile and after a car accident in 2004 she now finds she has to have a strict morning exercise routine to stay “strong” and stretches to help release any back pain. She works closely with physiotherapists, chiropractors and massager therapists so that they can coordinate together for clients to get a “whole body” approach.

Her understanding of the body, especially the back, neck and posture, is immense and she takes great interest in finding new approaches and research. Hannah likes to broaden her knowledge and, while she uses this knowledge to help her clients, feels that Pilates is safe, comfortable, effective and manageable for all.

Hannah’s positive caring approach has proved popular with her clients, with some of them coming to classes since she founded first Farnham Pilates in 2005.


Hannah is testament to the power of Pilates to help manage and overcome body issues, so if you are a women with any of the following problems she can help you:

-Core and abdominal strength – i.e post natal rectus diastasis

-Pelvic floor – i.e urge and stress incontinence 

-Hip, joint and neck pain – improving postural alignment

-Back pain – improve mobility and strength 

-Improve wellbeing and get your body back to pre kids strength  

-Improve flexibility of muscles with Pure Stretch

-Improve balance using stability exercises

Also Hannah and her Pilates knowledge can help with much more….



OCR and CYQ Pilates  level 3 and level 2 2014 & 2005


Pelvic floor core and restore 2017, working towards 3rd age and strong 2019


Pilates Reformer and equipment, Pilates Solution 2017


Pure Stretch 2010


Improvers Pilates and Posture Fit Pro 2012

 Best Travel Award For Pilates Retreats 2017

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Hannah Epps in the News – PR List

Hannah at Farnham Pilates is an expert speaker on Pilates and wellbeing.

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WIFE Events conference in Guildford on Mindfulness, your own wellbeing, how to improve your emotional intelligence to get ahead in business (photography courtesy of Emma Shamaya) Sept 2016

-Handpicked therapist Corporate event on networking Sept 2015

-Alternative therapies Radio Hampshire Feb 2014

Eagle Radio about National Fitness Day June 2015

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