Pilates One to One Sessions

One to one sessions are available on request in the studio or on Zoom 1st session, assessment and personal schedule COST £65 then each session £48 or 5 for £180.


The studio is COVID safe, with cleaning between clients, temperature on entry if you wish, and the wearing of masks. 

For an assessment call Hannah now on 07855 291833

Get an individual assessment and personalised one to one Pilates plan so you get strong, fit and flexible.

There are huge benefits of Pilates from a better posture, stronger core, keeping you more mobile, less achy joints, strong back, better balance more relaxed all in all less PAIN! Come and try it or develop your Pilates knowledge!

Whether you are recovering from an injury, wanting to improve your strength or flexibility or simple prefer one to one attention, then contact us to arrange a mutually convenient time. In the Pilates studio we offer one to one session using either mat work, reformer or equipment-based exercises and stretches totally tailored to your needs.


Pilates can be the answer to so many common problems, please just contact us and if we can’t help we will put you in touch with a physiotherapist, chiropractor, osteopath or sport massager who can help!


Perhaps you have you back or neck pain? Have you been told by your physiotherapist, chiropractor, osteopath, or doctor that you need to do Pilates?


Perhaps you have a busy life and you want to learn how exercise can make you more flexible and pain-free. Pilates inspires you and teaches your body the right moves and stretches and the breathing can even help you relax to balance your life.


If you want to get a stronger core, back and pelvic floor.


Have you recently had children and would like to feel a bit more like ‘you’? Getting back to fitness postnatally is important but it must be done the RIGHT way. Especially if you still have rectus diastasis as this can have a knock on effect making you lose confidence as your tummy doesn’t feel as strong, lose the ability to do core exercises and exercising too early or in the wrong way can affect you later on. Also working the pelvic floor in the right way is important so that in a one to one session we can work on what YOUR body needs.


Are you feeling older and you feel achy and stiff but wary about what exercise is right for you. Perhaps you are determined not to let age get the better of you. The Pilates Community team can help you learn what is right for your body, gain better body alignment with good posture to age gracefully.


If you have been injured and need to get back to fitness. Does the injury stop you doing what you want? I always start by asking you what is wrong and why. I can work with specialists to create a programme that can help you overcome your problems and get on the road to recovery.


If you want to get looser, longer joints and wake up with no achy joints or sore back, neck or shoulders.


Are you going through the menopause and feeling too tired to exercise? As a mum of teenage girls going through peri-menopause Hannah knows the importance of  keeping active and fit to help keep the weight off. She also know exercise is vital for your mental and emotional wellbeing –  after exercise you get “happy” hormones, called endorphins – these are the natural anti-depressant.

Reformer Sessions available in Rowledge, Surrey or

Mat class and 1.1 on Zoom

Some sessions may already be booked so please contact Hannah before coming along to a time slot. 

Please complete a medical questionnaire before you arrive. 

Hannah has an excellent knowledge of the body and a lovely teaching style. After my first session she picked up on all of my bad posture habits and gives great advice on how to correct them. She is generous with her time and gives individual attention to all of her students. I walk away from each session feeling STRETCHED, REFRESHED and REALIGNED. Farnham Pilates is Highly recommended!

Sarah Coutts

I’ve been doing Pilates with Hannah for a few months now. I’d found that running had started to make me stiff and I needed to stretch properly beforehand. Since doing Pilates I feel suppler, know how to stretch properly and find that running is much easier. Hannah has also helped with my posture; I work at home sat at a desk all day and she helped me find the right way to sit and exercises to do to keep comfortable. Hannah really knows her stuff – she is an expert on back issues and also has extensive knowledge of women’s health; she keeps her knowledge up to date and drops little nuggets of wisdom into every class. Her sessions are very professional and welcoming – I feel relaxed and properly looked after. Hannah is particularly good at giving you options for exercises that take any injuries or conditions into account. If you think you might have to give up some sport or activity as you get into your 40s or 50s, give Pilates a go – it helps you to stay active longer.

Helen Mortimer