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Welcome to our Pilates Community

 Do you want Pilates classes that focus on your needs? Do you want a personal regular class, accessible at home, at anytime and taught by highly qualified teachers, saving you TIME and MONEY? 

 Look no further …


The Pilates Community was set up in 2004 to serve clients needs online with more personal service, our aim is to HELP YOU reach your goals! Try 1 class or join a the online live classes where you will have access to live Pilates classes on Facebook, Zoom and videos.

Each Pilates teacher has different training and skills but our main focus is regular movement for your back care. 

 The Pilates Community have been providing expert tuition and guidance in Farnham, Rowledge, Surrey, Hampshire, Dorset, and across the UK. We have transformed  clients’ lives many, of whom have posture issues, joint problems or injuries that cause back pain. 

Do you want to start a new routine to transform your body and live a fit and pain free life? 

If yes then join one of the  FOLLOWING OPTIONS:


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Zoom Classes

Online Courses

Personal Training


 Pilates can help you with:  

RECOVERY from back, hip or knee injury or post operative. Recovery from having a baby resolving Disastis Recti, pelvic floor tension issues and pelvic pain.
MAINTAINING joint mobility, activity and strength, helping body changes with ageing and reducing stress (especially for menopausal women and seniors)

PREVENTING future issues of pain and accidents in back and joints, illness, and balance exercises prevents falls.


BUILDING STRENGTH AND MOBILITY in back, hips, core, legs and arms. With regular stretching and spinal mobility you can stay flexibile and prevent achy joints.


IMPROVING POSTURE helping gain flexibility and improving bad posture habits (ie how you sit at the computer or hold the phone).


MENTAL WELLBEING Regular thoracic and deeper breathing opens up the rib cage and makes you feel better and less stressed.

Join our online Pilates Community where you’ll find knowledgeable professional teaching in live classes and videos guiding you to a better body.

 Join us now to live your best life, pain free and active.

“HI, I’m Hannah a Pilates Community  teacher and busy mum of 2 teenagers managing my own back pain, post accident 20 years ago.  My aim is to get everyone moving to learn the benefits of PILATES. Pilates Community videos and daily routines work as a full body approach, once you gain a stronger core, better posture and balance it helps relieve overworked muscles to stop joint, neck and back pain. The Pilates Community team would love to help you get a stronger more able body.

So come and join our friendly community for advice, accountability and motivation. Start your Pilates adventure by signing up for one of our online classes or courses.”


Zoom Classes Available, sign up now.

 Best Travel Award For Pilates Retreats 2017

“I had terrible back, hip pain and I felt very weak at only 50, and before I came to Hannah I never liked exercise, but I love Hannah’s online classes and her style of teaching and happy demeanour – Im enjoying classes for once and doing them regularily. After just 1 month I now notice I have more strength, and more body confidence,”

 -Sandra Jun 20

 “Hannah has an excellent knowledge of the body and a lovely teaching style. After my initial one-to-one session she picked up on all of my bad posture habits and gives great advice on how to correct them. She is generous with her time and gives individual attention to all of her students. I walk away from each session feeling stretched, refreshed and re-aligned. Highly recommended!” 

– Sarah Coutts 

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