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Are you stuck in the house and craving calm and balance?

During this unsettling time join Hannah and the team for a 10 day de-stress reset program starting on 9th November and again on 16th November. 

What a brilliant way to re-evaluate and create a calmer you, these 10 days will help you develop ways to focus on the positive, be less stressed and less anxious to improve the quality of your sleep.

Together, we can help you to look after your mind, body and spirit during this time.

    • Are you stuck inside?
    • Are you worried and anxious?
    • Always tired, no energy, stressed out to the max?
    • Is isolation getting on top of you?
    • Worried about piling on the pounds and your general health?
    • If you have answered YES to all the above then don’t worry, as these are the emotions I’m hearing from all my current clients and help is at hand.

It’s really important to stick to a routine during this difficult time and to communicate with others and to find that connection that we all need. In just 10-15 minutes a day we can make a difference to your mindset and life balance.

These few small changes to your routine will have a knock on effect to other aspects of your life, such as boosting your confidence to put yourself forward for promotions, improve relationships, improve your sex life, improved self-belief to get out of unhappy situations, more energy for the kids, improved health – the list is endless…

So come on girls, what you waiting for? There is HOPE, so let’s stretch, move, create balance and feel calmer together! It’s our job to support you to get out there fighting fit, back into the real world when we can.

Warning – some of the tasks might be very obvious and unconventional and we can get a bit personal and deep if you want, BUT IT IS UP TO YOU. YOU CAN CHOOSE WHICH TASKS TO CARRY OUT OR JUST DO THE PILATES, STRETCH AND RELAX VIDEOS. You can get what you want out of the project but hopefully you find time to relax and JUST BE. 

Here is the link below to join the group and to take part in my VIDEOS, TASKS AND LIVE sessions,; we look forward to you joining me to STOP, HAVE 10 MINS a day to focus on you and learn to DE-STRESS.  

What you get on this 10 Day Course – 


  • Daily emails
  • Daily short tasks
  • Mindfulness and gentle stretch videos
  • Join our supportive Facebook and WhatsApp group
  • Learn to be more positive and less stressed

10 Days De-stress and be more mindful Course



Find out about the advantages of mindfulness and how it can help you create calm

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“Pilates Community Best Pilates Retreat 2017”  and “Best mindfulness course 2017”