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Try our 30 Days of Pilates Challenge only £9.99 – good for your health and your pocket.  

With a daily email you can do your workouts whenever you want, with a new daily Pilates video available to watch anytime in the comfort of your own home.  

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Daily emails with Pilates videos and advice that is simple, quick and easy to follow.


The classes can be accessed anytime and in short sections so that you can easily schedule Pilates into your life. 


Your Pilates adventure is a step by step guide to a more mobile, stronger back and core


The Pilates Online Facebook group aims to motivate, encourage and support you. 


How would you like to start your morning with a simple quick exercise routine that will transform your body in the comfort of your own home?

What you get:


Regular daily emails introducing you to Pilates with videos, information and tips to help you learn about how pilates can help you, learn new exercises and a new routine that can make a difference to your body mobility, tone, back issues and create a stronger core.

The best bit is our group support: you can join our Facebook Group where you can access the videos and we motivate and inspire each other with the changes we are making each day.

 Why should you invest in this course? Read our clients’ feedback and find out!

“ Hi Hannah, I’ve had a busy week, didn’t manage every day, but today I recapped and put all the videos together and made a nice routine. Really great for me as a busy doctor!”

“Great short videos I can fit into my day and its definitely making a difference on my back and core”

“Hannah me and my twelve year old are doing the videos each night before he goes to bed. It’s helping him go to sleep so it’s definitely working!”

So join us and create a better long term health plan with a new routine to get you moving more in the right way!!

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