Well, what a week it has been!  Last week, I asked many of you to let me know how we are doing.  I wanted to get to know you better, so I asked questions about your particular health concerns and how doing Pilates has helped. I also wanted to know how you were finding the online classes.  We’ve had an incredible response, and I want to share some of them with you.  You can see some of the testimonials below.

There was more good news last week… Although we have been going for a long time, since lockdown we have spent time trying to perfect our online environment for people to get strong, healthy and PAIN FREE. Last week, when I heard I had won an award from PRESTIGE, all your lovely feedback was reinforced.  We won BEST PILATES STUDIO SOUTH EAST AWARD 2020! I am so thrilled that our Pilates philosophy is getting out there, and that so many people are enjoying the benefits of regular, gentle exercise, that can be done from the safety and comfort of their own homes. Award-winning online Pilates is at your fingertips!

Here is a taster of some of the testimonials we received following our survey:

Before I started the online classes, I had terrible hip and back pain, they were very tight, especially in the morning on waking. My body also felt weak all over.

Since starting my online classes, I have become quite an exercise person, which I never was before! I have thoroughly enjoyed the classes, I do them on the Monday, Wednesday and Friday religiously. I’m pretty lazy and don’t usually enjoy exercise, but I really lovely these classes, which is down to Hannah’s teaching style and happy demeanour – it makes them very enjoyable and makes me want to do them again. Hannah’s approach makes me want to return for the next class – I can feel myself getting stronger.

Since starting the online classes, I have noticed a big difference in my body.  I can now do things I couldn’t do when I started 6 weeks’ ago. I have a terrible relationship with my body (constant dieting, anorexia etc) but the other day I realised how much the classes are making me appreciate what this body – my body – can do.  – Sandra 

Hannah’s online classes are a great way of making one feel one is not alone in these difficult times. They are so motivating and a wonderful way to put some routine into your day and keep fit at the same time. – Suki

My experience of Pilates classes with Hannah has been very positive. Having had classes in the studio before lockdown and then continuing online Hannah has been able to give me personal feedback and advice during Zoom classes. She has often given me extra advice or exercises to try at the end of online classes and had always been to keen to help me in anyway she can. – Rachel

Following live online lessons has been the most beneficial to me but when I haven’t been able to attend, or if my back has been particularly bad, the videos have been a good way to keep doing the exercises more regularly. – June 

Keep up the good work everyone! It is just what the doctor ordered: take a look at this article on the NHS website. I am so proud of all you have achieved; together we can continue to strengthen your body, keep you pain-free and healthy! Remember, you can find details about all my online programmes, including the NEW 12 week transformation, here

Squeeze and breathe,

Love Hannah xx

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