Do you need help with weigh gain a healthy diet and fitness during lockdown?

How are you doing. I’m sure you know I’ve been really struggling last couple of weeks feeling a bit down and going a bit stir crazy. Also Now its 11 weeks plus I think its getting to us all! What about you, I’d love to know have you had low days and high days? I think we all need a holiday, I’ve never worked so many hours at home and cant switch off, then when I do I focus on making a nice dinner and wine!!!! Initially it felt like we were on a summer holiday and I realised it had to STOP as I found I was just eating and drinking too much. Have you been worried about weight gain, working at home sitting too near the fridge?

So after a bumpy start in lock down I tried to really tried to focus on my mental health, fitness and nutrition. My Pilates classes and doing morning exercise has really helped me have a routine and doing online cardio first thing helps me stay a bit healthier.

I’m not an expert at nutrition, but it’s really working for me why don’t you try and let me know how you get on –

Mental health  – don’t restrict anything and try and focus on the positives – ie your motivation why you are doing it? -help reduce tummy bloat, feel healthier, fit in old clothes. Don’t make yourself feel negative and “ tell yourself off!”, celebrate the small steps.

Healthy Diet and Nutrition – Easy and basic but don’t over eat. When lockdown started I was watching videos with the kids and drinking wine and having snacks every evening as if we were on holiday – now I stop eating at 7pm until 12.30pm the next day.  (I do have a black tea and coffee in the morning – I’m being motivated by an app called “Zero”). I know I’ve tried this before when the kids were young but it didn’t work I was grumpy by 4pm so when I start at 12.30pm I have a really lovely lunch or soup (no bread). Maybe think how can you add more veg into your diet and cut down on crisps and chocolate? Try my Smoothie recipe Im loving having this every day and its so simple I promise.

Exercise and fitness – Create a routine and set your alarm. I’m doing 30 mins cardio and weights every morning (Joe Wicks was a great motivator at the start) then I run my Pilates classes Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9.30am and if it’s something you fancy you can join a free class –

Or the online monthly membership is only £11.99, you are welcome to join our lovely supportive community. Follow this link to join. 

I found this is a good article from the BBC –

Also I love Reece Withaspoon follow this link to see the Instagram video HERE.

Let me know how you get on?

Thanks Hannah


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