Farnham Pilates Classes

Do you suffer from back pain, neck pain or aching hips and joints?

As we approach our 40s/ 50s 60s and more, doing the exercise we’ve always been used to can get harder. Our bodies take longer to recover, and we often feel joint and muscle pain. Pilates is a great way to help your body do exercise without pain, recover quicker, reduce achiness and protect against trips and falls in later life. It does this with a series of low-impact stretches and non-aerobic movements that loosen tight muscles, increase core stability and improve balance.

Adding Pilates to your exercise programme can help you stay on the golf course, the ski slopes, the running course, or simply keep your mobility for longer.

We specialise in back care, core stability and women’s wellness.

Our classes follow the teachings of Joseph Pilates but often include beneficial techniques taken from other disciplines.

As I have suffered with back care and hold a Level 3 CYQ Pilates qualification, an award for the best Back Care course 2017 LUX, Best Pilates studio Surrey, Best Pilates retreat 2017 LUX awards, Pure stretch, Fitness yoga qualifications and having suffered from back pain you can be assured that I understand your back problems and will carefully select exercises to suit you and monitor your progress.

All classes held on Zoom during Covid lock down. 

Our weekly classes and one-to-one sessions are NORMALLY held in our studio in Rowledge, near Farnham; we also offer relaxing retreats and video classes for those who do not live nearby or who would to do Pilates whenever it suits them.

Please complete a medical questionnaire before you arrive.

Term Dates

Spring 2021 11/1-29/3 (exc 27/1, 15/2) 10 weeks £145

Summer Term 2021 19/4-12/7 (ex 24/5) 12 weeks £174 Pay by 10/3 reduced to £144 (£12 a class or £45 per month)

Pilates Classes


9.30 – 10.30 Mixed level Beginners

7.30pm Improvers and Advanced


9.30am Beginners and back care


One to One Sessions

Structure of Pilates classes


A short warm up, standing or lying down. Focus on thoracic breathing and activating your core.
Core Balance challenge and squats for joint mobility.
Specific exercises to release muscular tension in neck, shoulders & back.
A longer program on the floor with emphasis on abdominals and back.
The use of a variety of small equipment like mini balls, bands etc for extra resistance for arm and hip stabilisation.
Intense lower then upper abdominal’s (depending on class level).
Stretching and then deep relaxation at the end of the class.

What people say about Farnham Pilates:

Farnham Pilates Gallery

“I have been attending Farnham Pilates for the last 8 years and have found the classes great as they have helped me focus on improving my posture and gaining core stability. The teacher Hannah makes the classes enjoyable and she is also very knowledgeable.”


A Physiotherapist From Farnham, Mother Of Two

Photographic images courtesy of www.aliceholtphotography.co.uk. All rights reserved. Copyright 2019 REHinxman

Cancellation Policy

Classes can be cancelled up to 24 hours before the scheduled time of the class for a full refund. If classes are cancelled less than 24 hours before the scheduled time of the class, the class will be charged at the full rate at the time of booking.


  • Late cancellation fee: if you cancel class within 12 hours of class time, you will be charged a fee.
  • Missed class fee: if you miss a class without swapping that week, you will be charged for that class.
  • Payment of class: you pay for the whole term at a discounted rate or more each class if you want to pay half a term.
  • For my studio, filling each spot is critical not only for my business, but for guaranteeing I can continue teaching.

Workshops & Events

We also run regular workshops & events. Click the link below to see what events are coming up next.

Additional Information



Details of class times at the Studio may vary from time to time. Class times will be published by the Studio on our Website. Or changes with be emailed. If clients wish to change class times they must text or email the studio to request change.

The Studio reserves the right to make changes to the schedule at its discretion.


Personal belongings that are brought into the Studio premises, are left at the Client’s own risk and Farnham Pilates does not accept liability for any loss or damage whatsoever to such items.


Clients are requested to wear a form or dress appropriate to the activity they are undertaking and take their shoes off. If they can bare feet or yoga socks should be worn.


In the event of a fire, Clients are asked to make their way to the nearest available exit.

Clients must at all times observe the Studio guidelines which may be notified to them from time to time and are requested to comply with any reasonable directions which the management of the Studio may issue to ensure the smooth operation of the Studio for the convenience of all Clients.

Clients are required to give written notice to Farnham Pilates of any change of address or email.

Farnham Pilates reserves the right to refuse admission to the Studio.


On the medical par q please tick how you would like to be contacted by the studio email, direct mail or phone, or social media.


The medical questionnaire and any teachers notes on the client will be stored in a secure file and not shown to any third party unless requested to discuss with their permission to a physiotherapist, osteopath or chiropractor

If you are using or renting Farnham Pilates Garden studio you are required to have your own insurance to cover any client complaint or injury.


Subject to any statutory right of cancellation, payments for classes, class passes, monthly subscription fees and annual payments are made non-refundable but a “Client” may exchange for a different class but cannot cancel unless injury or exceptional circumstances.


Each Client must read and sign a medical questionnaire and inform the studio of all medical conditions. They must access what the Classes involve and decide whether they are fit to participate in a Class. Farnham Pilates staff have first aid training but are not medically trained and are therefore not qualified to assess whether the Client or any guest is in good physical condition and/or that the Client can engage in any exercise without detriment to the Client’s health, safety, comfort or physical condition.

Clients are advised not to undertake strenuous physical activities without first seeking medical advice if they have concerns over their physical condition. The Studio reserves the right to refuse access to any Client if, in its absolute discretion, it considers that the health of the individual concerned may be endangered by the use of such facilities.

If there is any doubt with regard to a client’s medical fitness, he/she should consult his/her doctor. Clients and their guests must notify the Studio of any circumstances affecting their health that may be exacerbated through continued use of the Studio.

Clients are required to follow the instructions of the teacher at all times.


Farnham Pilates cannot be held responsible for any service or equipment not being available for whatever reason and reserves the right to make alterations to the types of facilities provided, without notice and in its absolute discretion.

It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that they are capable of undergoing a routine of exercises provided by any programme that they follow or class that they attend. Clients accept the risk of injury from performing exercises and are advised to consult their doctor prior to beginning any programme or class.

Farnham Pilates accepts no liability for loss or damage to property or injury or illness of Clients or their guests to them on the Studio premises or outside the Studio except in so far as such loss, damage, or injury is by law incapable of exclusion.