Hi, how are you?

Despite a little wind and rain (!), the beautiful bluebells are telling me Spring is definitely here and I’m so pleased! It’s also great to be returning slowly to normal.  I can’t wait to see some of you back in the studio after half term.  Don’t forget, you’ll need to book your place as numbers are limited, so do get in touch if you’d like to come in person. But don’t worry, all my online classes will be continuing!

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This week’s focus is the core.  As you’ll know from previous newsletters, it is so important for good health to have a strong core, and if you’ll excuse the pun, strong muscles around your spine are at the “core” of good balance, a strong back and good mobility!

Read on for more on the best 5 core Pilates exercises and an update on our current schedule.

Until the next time, squeeze and breathe,
Love Hannah x

5 best Pilates exercises for the core 

Glute Bridges 
Lie on your back with your hands at your sides, knees bent, and feet flat on the floor under your knees.
  1. Tighten your abdominal and buttock muscles by pushing your low back into the ground before you push up. Push down with your heels.
  2. Raise your hips to create a straight line from your knees to shoulders.
  3. Squeeze your core and pull your belly button back toward your spine.
  4. Hold for 20 to 30 seconds, and then roll down back to your starting position.
  5. Complete at least 10 reps.
Kneeling Arm and Leg Reach
This exercise teaches core stability—especially important for those suffering from back pain.
  1. Start on your hands and knees.
  2. Your hands are directly under your shoulders, and your knees are directly under your hips. Make your legs and feet parallel and hip distance apart.
  3. Your back is in a neutral spine position (allowing the natural curves) and supported by your abdominal muscles which are pulled in. Don’t let your back sag or arch up.
  4. Your neck is treated as a long extension of your spine. So your face is parallel to the floor, gaze down.
  5. This exercise requires shoulder stability. Take a moment to slide your scapula (wing bones) down your back so that your shoulders are away from your ears, your chest is open, and your scapulae are settled on your back, not poking up.
  6. Inhale: Extend your right arm straight in front of you and your left leg straight behind you at the same time. Your arm and leg will be parallel to the floor.
  7. Balance. Hold one to three breaths.
  8. Exhale: Return to hands and knees.
  9. Inhale: Extend your left arm straight in front of you and your right leg straight behind you at the same time.
Leg Circle
  1. Lie faceup with your arms by your sides, palms down.
  2. Bend your left knee and place your left foot flat on the floor. Extend your right leg up so that it’s perpendicular to the floor.
  3. Circle your right leg out to the side, down toward the ground, and return to your starting position. Make the circle as big as you can while still keeping your lower back on the floor.
  4. Reverse the circle.
  5. Complete all reps one on leg, and then repeat on the other.
The One Hundred
  1. Lie faceup.
  2. Lift both legs up toward the ceiling and lower them halfway, so that they’re at an angle.
  3. Curl your head up, reaching your arms long alongside your body, palms down.
  4. Pump your arms up and down as you inhale for 5 counts and exhale for 5 counts.
  5. Repeat this breathing pattern 10 times while holding the position.
  1. Lie faceup with your arms extended out to your sides. Bend your knees over your hips and lift your feet off the mat.
  2. Let both knees fall to the right, keeping your lower back on the floor.
  3. Return to starting position, and then repeat on the other side.
Don’t forget that all of these exercises, and many more, can be found on the Pilatescommunity.co.uk website!