Let’s keep moving and stay connected!

Hi, how are you doing?   If you’re anything like me, you may be finding things a little tough at the moment. Don’t despair! This week, I’m thinking about how we can support our local community, both in terms of business (supporting local businesses) and reaching out to people around us.  Research shows that time spent with other people, either via Zoom, through telephone calls or maybe during a quick walk and chat with a friend, are all useful tools to combat loneliness and make people feel more connected.

One of the reasons our courses are so popular is that the keeping some gentle movement in your life, together with seeing a friendly face, is a way of keeping connected in these days when it is easy to stay indoors, sat on the sofa and eating biscuits.  While that may be fun to do once in a while, it isn’t great for our physical or mental health over time.  So, my advice to you this week is, make connections, go for a walk and stretcchhhh!


Why this might be a good time to sign up for online classes? 

Live classes, which include various levels of Pilates, yoga and stretches, are recorded, so if the live time doesn’t work for you, the recording helps you to fit the class into your own schedule.
In addition, you’ll be in the comfort of your own home. Your space, your time to boost those all important feel good hormones.

Zoom Classes

Our Zoom classes have the benefit of connecting you with a teacher, who can check your posture, motivate you and ensure you are doing all the exercises correctly. In addition to this, you will have all the benefits of Pilates Community online membership including the FB classes and libary of Pilates videos to do in your own time on the members only area of the website. You can sign up for Zoom membership this month for only £40 per month (this goes up to £49 in the new year). Sign up HERE.

Our Zoom classes next week are as follows:

Facebook classes

Alternatively, our basic Facebook membership is still only £9.99 per month, offering you Facebook Live classes during the week, and the Pilates Community membership with videos and inspiration on the website. Sign up HERE, still only £9.99! Here’s our Facebook Live schedule for next week:

REMEMBER, all of our teachers are highly regarded experts in their field.  You can experience their expertise and inspiring teaching in the comfort of your own living room. And if you choose not to do the live classes, it can be a time of your choosing, in safe and warm surroundings.  MORE about our teachers can be seen on the Teachers Page. For maximum engagement and classes, choose Zoom membership, where you can enjoy both the Zoom classes, the Facebook Live classes and all the benefits of Pilates Community Online membership.

Vouchers for classes are always available, so why not treat yourself or a loved one? Contact Hannah and her team on 07855 291833 to discuss vouchers for classes.

Our friends over at Only Blue (a local Farnham based company) are offering 10% off first orders for Pilates Community members.  Quote 10OFFPC to get the discount. You can follow them on Instagram @onlyblueliving. Here are some examples of what is offer, from scented candles to lovely coral prints.

Until next time, keep moving, keep talking and breeeaaathe!

Love Hannah x

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