How would you like to move better, reduce back pain, 

have a better posture and be more flexible ?



Join us to learn the right exercises and

stretches to stay mobile throughout your life.

Join our Pilates 6 weeks Back Care Programme   

To learn how Pilates can help you strengthen your core and back. Let me hold your hand and guide you using the online videos, handouts, lesson plans, and a Facebook group to teach you exercises and stretches and daily routines so you will be more flexible, stronger, to move more and get rid of back pain and achy joints. Join this back care program to lengthen, strengthen, support and improve your back and core strength for a happy, healthy and more Mobile YOU!

A daily pilates exercises to help reduce back pain

Hi, I’m Hannah!

A busy mum of 2 teenage girls.

  • Why choose my online Back Care programme?
  • I’ve suffered from back pain since a bad car accident 14 years ago.
  • I’m also a very experienced Pilates instructor and I’ve developed the Daily Pilates routines to help myself and now I’m here to help you.

It’s a program I’ve developed over the years with realistic exercises for back pain sufferers and it won’t cost you a fortune. In fact, all the videos can be completed in the comfort of your own, on the move in a hotel working or on holiday.

Why should you join the programme?

The workout rituals are easy to follow and short, great to start your day! Like I said, the exercises are realistic for back pain suffers, reasonable priced compared to expensive gyms, and if you are a busy mum, like me, with a crazy busy schedule then you’ll appreciate this flexible program.

The rituals strengthen you to give you CONFIDENCE to start exercising again after an injury or break from exercising! We work with small groups starting together so can motivate and encourage each other!

What will the programme do for you?

The DAILY PILATES RITUALS videos will educate you, motivate you, prevent, support and manage any back pain.

We’ll focus on improving your spinal mobility, increase bone density to prevent falls, stretch out and strengthen your back and core, in a few sessions you will feel much looser – less joint pain and increased movement on the spine.

Who is this programme for?

This is ideal for all ages, beginners, men or women, infact anyone who gets any back pain or is a beginner to Pilates.

Why choose this programme with Hannah?

There are lots of different videos and programmes out there but Hannahs been practicing Pilates for 18 years teaching for 14, and she has created this program after enduring terrible injuries to her pelvic and the after affects that it has caused, so she is speaking from experience and understands pain gentle about movement, strength and balance.


As a level 3 CYQ qualified Pilates and PURE Stretch instructor and hundreds of courses under her belt she understands about clients’ bodies and is passionate about body alignment, muscle testing, core strength and pelvic floor.

She’s won awards for The Best Back care programme 2017, Best Pilates Retreat 2017 – LUX awards, Best Pilates Personal Trainer – Waverley 2016 UK enterprise awards.
She’s presenting to 80 fitness professionals at “Women in Fitness” on back care and stress.

She’s regularly featured in the media and has been interviewed on Eagle Radio and Brooklands radio, written hundreds of articles for local and national press.

So for only 10 minutes a day you can transform your strength, mobility and wellbeing to become more connected to your body and

See what previous clients and Fitness wellbeing professionals have to say about the Pilates Back Care Ritual

I have been doing Pilates with Hannah for 13 years and the Rituals she has given me helps me move better and stay strong after my hip replacement now being able to lift grandchildren and do gardening, I would recommend her Pilates to anyone. It’s a life line to me and I encourage everyone to try it.

Jenny W

Hannah’s Pilates rituals are different to other teachers as she designs the exercise around what you and your body need, she listens and helps – she’s a very hands on coach and its designed so you only need to do 10 minutes a day to feel amazing – its worked for me I feel stronger and fitter and can go back to running and walking.

Kerry E

I work closely with Hannah on my body and my clients too – she’s highly trained and knowledgeable and wants to help each and every person. Pilates is great for backcare and for clients starting back after an injury.

Sally H - Physiotherapist