How would you like to start daily Online Pilates Classes that’ll transform your body in the comfort of your own home?


Join our Online Pilates Classes and Community because it will be good for your long term health and your pocket.


Here’s why..

 We’re unique because we are a group of highly qualified teachers who CARE about you and your body, we offer personal and nurturing support for you during the classes and within our community. As we specialise and design the exercises for women, the online Pilates classes cover different needs and levels. We focus on Women who have a desire to get a more body confidence, better posture, and more flexibility, recover from injuries, have back pain, post birth, so that they get fitter and gain better health. We offer 16 years’ Pilates experience teaching online Pilates Classes, and create friendshiups and a bond with clients because we make it a personal experience and focus on your body needs.   

We will guide you to learn more about Pilates.  Our programs are suitable for all levels, from absolute beginner to improver, taking you through the basics to increase your knowledge in back care, core strength and specialist areas like hips and shoulder mobility. We provide lesson plans and information sheets to complement the online videos so Pilates becomes core to your fitness and helps you keep active in all aspects of your life, so you’ll fall in love with Pilates as much as we have. You can do your workouts live or wherever and whenever you want. You are in control. You will save lots of money not travelling to the gym or studio in Farnham, Surrey but you will find it easier to commit because you can start each day fresh with your new daily routine in the comfort of your own home.


We guarantee to offer you personalised Pilates instruction through Facebook and WhatsApp with advice that is simple, easy to follow and affordable.


We will offer you live online and recorded classes, accessed anytime and you can choose from 5-55 mins so that you can easily fit Online Pilates into your life. 


We undertake regular training updates in Pilates. So you can be confident that you are receiving expert up to date instruction. 


The Pilates Community Online Facebook group aims to  motivate, encourage and support you. Because we care about you achieving your goals.

Want to transform your bodies fitness, mobility and strength? Then join our unique personalised 12 weeks Pilates Programme (limited spaces).  You get access to 3 Pilates Zoom classes, 1 Zoom one to one a week, link to a the website portal with hundreds of Pilates videos and courses and a Private Facebook Group.


See below for details on our Transformational Pilates Programme – this offer is limited spaces, now only £180 for 12 weeks. 


The Pilates Zoom Programme includes Zoom Classes on Monday at 9.30am and 7.30pm,Tuesday 9.30am and Wednesday 9.30am, these are then recorded for you to watch at any time within 2 weeks. You get access to the Facebook live classes and hundreds of Pilates videos recorded on the private facebook live group.

Click below to find out which online Pilates programme is right for you. 

Pilates Community 4 week online programme

For only £9.99 for 4 weeks

3 Live classes each week on Facebook and unlimited access to ALL classes & courses on the private Facebook group and the website portal to watch when you want. With over 250 hours of videos, more added each week.

Payment can be repeated monthly. 

Transformational Pilates Programme

Pay only £180 for 12 weeks (normally £540)

This is our most unique, signature programme. It is personalised so limited spaces with 1.1 training, This is the ultimate Pilates personal training with motivation. We are here to help and guide you.

It includes access to 3 Zoom Classes weekly, a Private Facebook and WhatsApp group, 1 personalised Pilates Zoom a week, access to hundreds of videos on the private Facebook group and the website portal, to watch when you want. 

Pilates  Zoom Programme  

For ONLY £45 per month  

Access to 1 Zoom Pilates classes per week. each extra class is £10. Choose this membership for a more personal Pilates class, with highly trained professional teachers. Where the focus is on quality. 

Zoom Classes Monday 9.30am, 7.30pm, Tuesday 9.30am


Still not sure? See below for more online courses you could try – 

Pilates for Back Care

Six-week course for £29

Do you have back pain or have you had a back operation? Then this Pilates back care course is for you. Designed as a Six-week course to get you more mobile and stronger and out of pain. With Physio support for only a one off fee of £29.

30 Days of Pilates 

Only £9.99

Daily emails with links to a video to transform your daily routine that will make a real difference to your mobility, strength and tone of your body. The course leads you through an introduction of what Pilates is all about. 

 Postnatal Pilates

 Six-week course for £29

 Have you had a baby in the last 10 years? Do you feel your tummy muscles have never regained their tone, look or feel, and the muscles are still separated? We can help you. This 6 week course is for all postnatal mummies, for slow and thorough core and back strengthening exercises. 

10 Days Destress and be more mindful

For 10 days of relaxing classes for only £9.99

Are you stressed and not sleeping well? Are you peri-menopausal or menopausal? Take some time out of your busy life to look after you with these daily emails with tips, advice and links to videos on gentle Pilates, stretching, mindfulness and relaxation.


How would you like to start your morning with a simple quick exercise routine that will transform your body in the comfort of your own home? Join our 30 days of emails and videos only for £9.99

What you get:


Regular daily emails with videos, information and tips to help you learn about how pilates can help you, learn new exercises and a new routine that can make a difference to your body mobility, tone, back issues and create a stronger core.

The best bit is our group support: you can join our Facebook Group where you can access the videos and we motivate and inspire each other with the changes we are making each day.

Why should you invest in this course? Read our clients’ feedback and find out!

“ Hi Hannah, I’ve had a busy week, didn’t manage every day, but today I recapped and put all the videos together and made a nice routine. Really great thanks for me as a busy doctor!”

“Me and my twelve year old are doing the videos each night before he goes to bed. It’s helping him go to sleep and Im learning stretches that really help my tight shoulders, so it’s definitely working!”

So join us and create a better long term health plan with a new routine of DAILY PILATES to get you moving more in the right way!!


-How to access the membership –

Use your log in email and password to enter the membership whenever you want. Access the Live Pilates classes via the Facebook link below. 

-Where do you start

The videos are laid in categories for Beginners, Improvers, Pilates Courses and Stretches. Each category is laid out in a weekly format as if you are going to a weekly class – you have the choice to pick and choose so you learn gradually, as if attending weekly classes.

Some weeks you have a daily video and some weeks you can repeat the same video daily for that week to build your knowledge slowly. We offer printable lesson plans to remind you which exercises to follow. Please join the Facebook group for guidance and information or just come and ask questions. We would love you to enjoy Pilates as much as we do so so please do email if you have any questions. We recommend you do a video every day; the videos are short and realistic so please progress through from Beginners to Improvers.

Important information, guidelines and disclaimer

Hannah is insured by Fitpro insurers and they have the following guidelines. 

These include but are not limited to the following:

It is the responsibility of the participant to ensure:

  • there is sufficient space to perform the exercises safely and move freely without obstacles or obstructions, free from furniture, equipment and other hazards – a minimum of four square metres per person
  • any equipment is safe and in a suitable condition for the activity being performed
  • the surrounding floor space is entirely clear to remove any hazards that may increase the risk of slips, trips or falls
  • there are no distractions throughout the duration of the session
  • there is sufficient heating, lighting, ventilation and hydration.

    In addition, the following disclaimer applies in respect of any pre-recorded sessions:


    As with all fitness and exercise programmes, when using this exercise video you need to use your common sense. To reduce and avoid injury, you will want to check with your doctor before beginning any fitness programme. By performing any fitness exercises without supervision, you are performing them at your own risk. Pilates Community, Hannah Epps and anyone teaching for them will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of this fitness programme, DVD, online fitness video or information shared on our website or facebook page. This includes emails, videos and text.