Want to get body confident and more mobile in just 12 weeks?   

I can help you transform your body with my Signature Pilates  programme.   


Transformation Pilates Programme 

Do you want body confidence, less painful, achy hips and lower back ? Would you believe it if I said I can help you in just 12 weeks? Dont take my word for it hear what oprevious clients say:


“I am loving Hannah’s classes down to her manner and happy demeanour, in just 4 weeks I feel my body and mindset is transformed – I have a more mobility, strength and positive appreciation of my body as I can see the improvement in length and strength.” Sandra.


We’d love you to join our unique, signature programme. It is personalised so limited spaces. The ultimate online Pilates personal training with motivation. I am here to help and guide you.


Spaces are limited on this special 12 week program. So if you want to do Pilates in the comfort of your own home, with personal attention then look no further.


This unique personalised programme includes recorded and live classes of different length and personalised advice. 

 We will support you with advice, classes and videos, on the website within the membership area.  

When you sign up for the Pilates community membership you get access to:


3 online live PILATES classes a week on ZOOM –  level from beginner, re-starter or improver through the fundamentals of Pilates learning at their own speed. Classes Timetable Monday 9.30am, 7.30pm and Tuesday 9.30am,  to re-watch at any time. 


One Personal Training session on Zoom a week – so we can really help you focus on your body weakness and build strength 45mins.


A library of 2-15 min PILATES videos on the website laid out in a weekly format, to help target special areas or goals. The modules are designed to guide a beginner, re-starter or improver through the fundamentals of Pilates learning at their own speed. Includes specialist award-winning courses on Backcare and Postnatal Yummy Tummy. New videos are added regularly.


BONUS content: Mindfulness and Meditation videos. Plus specialist videos on Women’s Wellness, abdominal focus, back care. Warm up routines, a stretch and self-massage section.


The best thing is the community and support through the Private Facebook and WhatsApp group.


3 LIVE CLASSES A WEEK – on Facebook, with another database of over 200 videos. With the ability to watch live or at any time you  want. 


A Personalised log-in through the website. Regular emails and goal- setting to instil a routine and I’ll hold your hand throughout this journey. A medical questionnaire to complete – telling us your main aims, goals and body issues.  PLUS 3 Facebook Live classes every week!


Group support via private Facebook group – this is what combines this community together; it is a friendly supportive group, creating and developing relationships with other participants so we work together to support, motivate and celebrate each others achievements. 

Zoom Class Schedule 

Monday – 9.30am – 1 hr Core back strengthening Class 

Monday – 7.30pm – 1 hr Improvers Class

Tuesday – 9.30am – 1 hr Beginners Class


Facebook Live Class Schedule

The class schedule below offers varied classes and we have created videos for you to exercise at your own pace at any time.  We can help you to gain a toned and more mobile flexible body, learn about what stretches you need and help you create new daily exercises to be fitter, more mobile, and have more energy without worry or pain. 

Monday – 9.30am – Core back strengthening class

Tuesday – 9.30am – Beginners back care Class

Wednesday – Stretch and relax Class

The Pilates Classes and Videos will help you:


Relieve, ease and soothe joint, muscle, back, neck and hip pain, feel less stiff and achy in ONLY 5-15 minutes a day!


Get access to quick, effective, flexible Pilates workouts any time you want, so you are in control.


Improve and maintain your core strength and mobility to regain body confidence.


Get stronger and deeper supporting muscles to improve your stability and prevent falls and injuries.


Improve your posture habits and correct muscle imbalances.


Improve your health, learn better breathing to calm your mind and boost your self-esteem.


Recover from an injury?


Feel better in yourself, sleep better, increase your energy and lose weight.


Be part of a Community of real people of all ages and sizes, giving support, motivation and accountability to exercise regularly.


Say goodbye to expensive gyms and sign up to exercise that works and learn how to alleviate symptoms yourself.

We’ve got the perfect solution for you!

Join this 12 week transformation program today to help you live a pain-free, fitter and fun life.

Pay only £180 for 12 weeks (normally £540 for weekly 1.1s).

Let me Support and Guide you through the Pilates exercises in nice and easy steps!


Join our signature Program Today


 *  Videos and live videos and professional advice is worth over £200 per month 


Take a look around…

Get access to over 500 hours of videos including beginner coaching, nutritional advice, mindset and meditation and specialists courses.

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Ski Fit Programme

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Mindset & Mindfulness Coaching

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Reducing Stress

Abdominal Improvers Programme

Join today & start living your new life

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Exclusive Group with regular videos, information and advice.

Hi, I’m Hannah!

I’d love you to join my award-winning Pilates program that incorporates traditional low impact Pilates exercises, stretches with spinal mobility and helps you to create new habits. This program brings Pilates into your home in a usable, short, flexible format. So that if you are a busy mum like me then you’ll find the flexible online programme a life saver. Online workouts were the only way for me to exercise as I found it nearly impossible fitting any exercise around the demands of 2 children. Pilates is not a MIRACLE CURE but with regular Pilates you can feel 10 years younger.  We will support and guide you every step of the way, so that you can implement changes to your life to create your dream of a more healthy active life.

See what clients and Fitness professionals have to say about this Program :

I have been doing Pilates with Hannah for 13 years and the at home routines she has given me helps me move better, and stay strong after my hip replacement I am now able to lift the grandchildren and do gardening, I would recommend her Pilates to anyone. It’s a life line to me and I encourage everyone to try it.


Hannah’s Pilates rituals are different to other teachers as she designs the exercise around what you and your body need, I feel stronger around my injured knee that I have gone back to running and walking. She’s a approachable coach and its designed so you only need to do 10 minutes a day to feel amazing – its worked for me I feel stronger and fitter.


Hannah – I love your online classes, just the way they are is perfect- its lovely, you have a friendly approach and always relaxed and knowledgeable – thank you for all your care.


I work closely with Hannah on my body and my clients too – she’s highly trained and knowledgeable and wants to help each and every person. Online Pilates is great for bad backs starting back after an injury

Sally, Physiotherapist

This online community has been the best place for me with a back issues, I feel more mobile and now have a much leaner body just doing the videos at home while connecting to women in the same situation as me. I’ve built strength, improved my posture without the stress of busy classes, limited class times or stress booking. I’m so glad I joined the Pilates community.


Your Commitment

You should expect to commit to a minimum of 15 minutes per day to the programme for a minimum of 4 weeks. I will require you to complete a Record Form, along with weekly measurements and photographs.

Our Commitment

Once you have joined the programme you will receive a training schedule to follow and tick off, weekly videos to follow, access to a Facebook group and motivation, regular tips and weekly updates.

Please join our Signature Transformation Program to transform your body and life today.

Join now and start your new life

Your commitment is only 3 months, Worth over £200 / month.