Happy February everyone! Hints of spring in the air, and I’m surrounding myself with cheerful daffodils to lift my spirits.I’m very pleased to announce that this month we’re launching our series, ROLL OUT OF BED PILATES.

During February, short FREE Pilates exercises to help you get your mojo back. Each week we’ll focus on a different body part, which will be the central theme of our sessions.

This week our focus is lower back. 

These FREE 15 minute sessions take place at 8.30 AM each week day morning. Can’t make it at 8.30AM?  No problem! Each class is recorded, so you can scroll back to find the class at a time that suits you.

Clients love this session – if you work or have the challenges of homeschooling ahead of you – take just 15 minutes each day to STRETCH and STRENGTHEN and hit the ground running each day.

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Hips and Lower Back exercises

Take note – Hip pain can be caused by sitting for too long so get up and move around, stretch the hamstrings and hip flexors. tight hip flexors create a tight lower back that pulls on the spine. Get up and move every hour – especially if working from home. 

When we are stressed and busy we find this stiffness gets worse, so stop at break and lunch time and take 2 minutes out to focus on your breath. The reason I focus so much on stretching is that it helps to restore and maintain the flexibility and mobility of your joints, promotes your range of movement and improves blood flow to alleviate pain. 

1. Mobilise hips – Hip Circles 
In a standing position, feet wide circle your hips 4 times to the left and 4 times right. Really push to feel the muscles working and move in your back. Great after a day in the office!

2. Strengthen hips – Squats 
Squatting is a great glut / buttock strengthen and great for stabilising the hips and pelvis (to stop us activating and dominating 1 side and then getting pain in that over used side. We do it all day long but don’t think about it or use the gluts to anchor us forward.

Starting in a seated Position – sit up straight, engage your core, reach forward with the hands and shoulders relaxed, breath out and raise out of the chair. Breathe in and go to sit down skim your bottom on the chair and sit up again. (ARMS IN FRONT- DON’T RELY ON YOUR HANDS OR ARMS), REPEAT 10-20 TIMES. 

Advantages of squatting requires a fuller range of motion in the knees, range of motion good for your joints keeping lubricated helps prevent arthritis. Squatting creates width in the bottom of your pelvis great for pelvic floor, helps release tension in the muscles. 

If you can’t squat its too hard on the knees try this position – 
squat prep on the floor – hand and knees 4 point kneeling – release tension on your gluts, push back towards child pose with a flat back, keep tail bone long (don’t tuck under) to keep squat position keep lower back flat. 

3. Mobilise Hips and lower back – Cat / cow
This exercises increases mobility along the whole spine and stretches back, abs, shoulders and neck. Start on your hands and knees, hands in line with shoulders and knees in line with hips. Centre your head and stretch the neck, eyes look to the floor. As you exhale round the spine toward the ceiling keep shoulders and knees still, relax the head to the floor, scoop the belly and breathe into the back. Repeat 4 times.

For lower back  – repeat and curl just the lower back and slowly with a scooped belly press the hips towards the heels, then walk the hands to the leg then to right, release and come back repeat 4 times. 

Why not give our short Pilates sessions a try – they’re only free for a limited time!

Until next week, squeeze and breathe,

Love Hannah x