Stay active and keep moving! I’m always saying this to my clients. Movement is an integral part of every function and process within our bodies. It is not just strength and endurance that is affected by movement, but also our thought processes, emotions, understanding, and decision making. Pilates is a great way to gently incorporate daily movement into your lives.

We sit so much these days, that the simple act of standing, stretching and moving can bring so many benefits, especially to the back.

Back Stretches

For this reason, our focus at Pilates Community is to encourage you to concentrate on gentle movement every day, and today we’re looking at some back stretches. It’s important to move our spines in different ways, so you don’t become stiff from all that sitting. Sitting all day can lead to the phenomenon of ‘use it or lose it’ – reduced movement will result in your muscles reducing in strength, size, and function within 24 hours.

So, our exercises today focus on:

  • Laterally flexing the spine with exercises like a mermaid side bend;
  • Extending the spine and opening the chest with a double leg kick;
  • Rotation and flexing the spine and stretching the hamstrings with the saw.

Take a look at our 25 minute Stronger Back video here (you will need Vimeo to view the video).

If you are already a Pilates Community follower, you will know that we have a library of back care exercises (and many others) available for you to follow at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. If you’re interested in even more personal attention, Hannah can give you one-to-one, or one-to-two PT sessions in her Garden Studio.  For more information, on costing and timings,  contact Hannah.

With current government regulations on social distancing, and chillier weather making outdoor classes difficult, all my classes are continuing online via Zoom or Facebook. The new timetable is as follows:



7.30am Facebook / Zoom

6.30pm Garden Studio max 2 people private booking/PT*

7.30pm Zoom


7.30am Facebook

8.30am Garden Studio max 2 people private booking/PT*

9.30am Facebook zoom


7.30am Facebook

*contact me to discuss costings and timings

Lastly, I have a special offer for you! I have recently started a new part-time job at Lake Therapy; they are a physiotherapy and sports therapy clinic in Farnham.  If you mention my name when arranging a treatment at Lake Therapy, you can get a FREE initial consultation and a 15 minute assessment with a report of findings worth £85! Hope you enjoy it!

Just keep moving!

Squeeze and breathe, 

Love Hannah x