Hi, and welcome to May! How are you getting on? I hope you’ve been able to get outside and enjoy some of the glorious sunshine we have been experiencing over the past few weeks. It is indeed still a very strange time, and some adjustments to your daily fitness may have had to be made. I try to make the most of my daily exercise, running with my dog or taking a walk with the family. However, working from home, hunching over your laptop on the kitchen table, or propped up in bed, can take it’s toll on your lower back and posture.  

Remember to keep moving the back, neck and shoulders to prevent pain.

If you’ve ever found that you are suffering from any of the following:   

  1. Headaches or sore eyes?
  2. Neck, mid or lower backache or pain, shoulder strain.
  3. Shoulders dropped forward creating a dropped or flared rib cage?
  4. Aches or joint stiffness in your back, hips or knees?
  5. Shallow breathing or digestive problems??
  6. Restless sleeping? Tingling in fingers or toes at night.
  7. Incontinence or pelvic floor weakness?
  8. Tight jaw?  

…this may well be an indicator of poor posture. Take a look over at our Posture manual to do a thorough assessment of your posture and for some ideas for improving it and reducing achy joints and sore backs. 

We have no crystal ball about what the future holds, but Pilates can help you find a balanced and strong basis with which to face it.  

Remember, for more tips, live classes, a library of videos and a supportive Facebook and WhatsApp community, you can join our Pilates Community, for only £9.99 per month. The timetable for live classes is below.  

Please stay safe and see you back here soon,  

Squeeze and breathe,  

Love Hannah x

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