Swedish Deep-Tissue Massage

Book for a massage from Hannah a fully trained swedish masseuse.


Benefits of a massage – 

  • reduced muscle tension
  • increased joint mobility and flexibilty
  • improved ciurculation
  • stimulation of lympatic system – helps drain toxins
  • reduces stress hormones and cortisol
  • improves skin tones and elasticity
  • improves recovery post exercise
  • lower heart rate and function
  • improves immune system
  • a vital element in healthcare  the power of touch stimulates the body.
  • increases parasympathetic resposes to help reduce anxiety
  • increases energy and mental alertness
  • Reduces sciatica issues
  • Arthristis and joint pain relief
  • helps with fibromyalgia pain management and other autoimmune symtoms
  • relieves tension headaches
  • improves hapy hormones
  • reduced anxiety, depression and relaxation
  • helps with sleep disorders


How much massage you need to feel the benefits – 

Generally every 4-6 weeks but many clients require every other week until sympoms reduce.


Back and neck 30 mins £35 or 5 for £120. Full body 55 mins £45 or 5 for £175

Hear what other clients say – 

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