Why do I do Pilates?

People often ask me this question. They also wonder what benefits it will bring to them.  Well, as you are reading this, you are probably already interested in Pilates, and might already know some of the benefits. You may already have joined the growing number of people who are part of the Pilates Community.   You can read about my own story, and how Pilates has helped me in so many ways, here. 

10 Reasons Why 

So, what makes me, and millions of other people, keep up with regular Pilates? What benefits will YOU be able to see if you commit to some gentle, regular exercises and stretches?

  1. It improves my body awareness and body alignment  – we’re not symmetrical!  Pilates give me the body awareness to feel how my body may tend to one side or another.  But twisting, or favouring one side over the other can lead to hip, back, shoulder and knee pain.  My right hand side is stronger; Pilates helps me work on the differences and try to strengthen my body equally.
  2. Strengthens my abdominals and pelvic floor.  These “core” muscles, around our spine, are needed for our posture, help control back pain and improve your figure. A strong core, with toned abdominals and pelvic floor, can also help improve your sex life and avoid bladder leakage.
  3. Improves your mobility and flexibility.  Getting older doesn’t have to mean getting stiffer! Keeping mobile and flexible means not groaning every time you bend to pick something up, or struggling to put your socks on. It enable you to be more active which in turn will improve your health – it’s a win-win!
  4. It gives you body confidence – you needn’t worry about struggling to sit down or stand up any more. You can bend and sit without pain. You can live a better life.
  5. You’ll improve your pelvis stability – this is crucial for improving hip pain, posture and balance.  Improved balance means less falling over and fewer accidents.
  6. Functional – day to day living is improved – daily tasks are easier to carry out.  Your body won’t limit the activities you can do.
  7. Joint mobility – joints are more lubricated resulting in less stiffness. Lubricate your car or bicyle and it works better – it’s the same with your body!
  8. Joint stability – as well as being more mobile, you will build up strength around your joints. This stability helps you to deal with pain. You’ll find you can walk further and for longer.
  9. It looks after YOU for a change – you will feel so much better for doing something and it really doesn’t have to be sweaty to be beneficial. Spending time on yourself helps to enable you to give more to those around you. Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup
  10. Mindfulness – Pilates offer you the chance to live in the moment, to really focus on something else for a while, to control your breathing to improve stress levels and anxiety.

If working at your desk is making you stiff, and you fancy trying out some desk stretches, why not join my 5 Day Desk Pilates Programme? FREE course starting on Monday. See below for details on what we are doing each day.

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I look forward to seeing you there!

Squeeze and breathe,

Love Hannah xx

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