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Women’s Wellness reduce stress and move the right way with Pilates back care, core strength and Balance workshop

Dates: May 24th 2019, September 21st 2019 and January 25th 2020

Are you entering a phase of your life where you are constantly busy, stressed and gaining weight? Do you have lower back pain? Find out how Pilates can help. In this workshop we will improve your core, pelvic floor, back strength and your balance leave you feeling tall and relaxed. Delving deeper into your hormonal balance, Pilates back care session, Pilates balance, and end with stretch and deep relaxation.

Price: Only £65


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9.00 -10.00
Pilates basics and back care – Joseph Pilates basics exercises -a chance for beginners or experienced a Pilates goer to revisit the basic moves again.

10.00 -11.00
Pilates core strength and balance – great moves for strength and better balance how Pilates can help you with menopause, bone health, and fitness -for all levels.

11.00 -11.30
Pilates stretch and deep relaxation – finish the morning with stretches, trigger point massage and a chance to get into deep relaxation.

Stay for a healthy lunch

PLUS Free Pilates goody bag and drinks and refreshments on the day

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“Your workshop was the best money I have spent on myself. Thank you so much Hannah for a brilliant informative day and for putting together an excellent day and introducing us to experts in the key fields that will really make a difference as we cope with the peri-menopause. Today taught me so much more than I anticipated and I feel I have both the understanding and a plan to really improve my health, wellbeing and energy levels.”

Michelle Lawton, January 2019